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Dutch Online Gambling Regulations Allegedly Deferred Due To COVID-19 Measures

Dutch iGaming Regulations are supposedly postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, a written discussion took place with Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection and the standing committee for Justice and Security. Subsequent to the meeting, the anticipated date of opening of the igaming market in the Netherlands has been deferred.

More than a few motions were suggested during the meeting. MP Van Nispen mentioned that arrangements for the igaming market had suffered some postponements, partly as a result of the COVID-19 considerations. As per the latest updates, the earlier set target date for opening the Dutch Gambling market, which is January 2021, is postponed.

Notably, there are several apprehensions among concerned parties about meeting igaming license obligations in time. The Ministry of Security & Justice has also been very occupied with several proceedings lately. As a consequence, the minister mentioned that the reopening might be slightly postponed. In a further clarification, Dekker specified that the duration of delay might be about a few months.

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