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Ethereum Crosses 600 USD Mark, Reaches Highest Levels Since June 2018

The price of Ethereum has crossed six hundred USD, the uppermost it’s been since June 2018. The development comes just three days after the digital asset protruded through the five hundred USD resistance on 20th November.

Notably, Ethereum has been on a mounting trend for the last couple of months. On 23rd August, the digital asset was at three hundred and eighty-nine USD. That signifies that the price has shot up fifty four percent since.

The market cap Ethereum’s has also amplified. At press time, market cap is at sixty-six billion USD, up twenty eight percent in the last month, and thirty four percent in the last three months.

These positive indicators have led to an increase in Ethereum’s trading volume, which has grown from eleven billion USD last week to twenty sebillion today. This represents an increase of 59%.

This is part of an extended trend. Ethereum’s trading volume has gone up by one hundred and ninety-six pers since sitting at the eight billion USD mark three months ago.

Over the last week, all of the top ten virtual assets, except stablecoins like Tether, have increased in price. Ethereum has grown over thirty one percent, while XRP has led the way with an increase of seventy eight percent.

At the time of reporting, ETH is changing hands at around 604 USD with a market cap of over sixty-eight Billion USD.

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