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Ethereum Network Hit By A Major Consensus Bug Leading To Chain Split

The Ethereum network recently got hit by a serious consensus bug, leading to a chain split. A hacker took benefit of a shortfall discovered in earlier versions of Ethereum’s top software client Geth. This led to mature nodes getting splitted from the network, as per developer Marius van der Wijden.

The Geth version 1.10.8, which consists of a solution to the bug mentioned above, was posted on GitHub last week.

Even though developers were unforthcoming about the elements of the aforesaid defect, the public announcement might have in some way favored the hacker.

Node operators have been instructed to install the revised version as soon as possible. Till now, only twenty-seven percent of nodes have adopted the amended Hades Gamma. Nevertheless, the worst-case scenario has been stopped since most miners have already deployed the most recent version, ruling out the possibility of double-spending attacks.

Approximately seventy five percent of all Ethereum nodes rely on Geth, as per data provided by The exploit has underlined how dependent the Ethereum network is on the broadly used client.

Nevertheless, the unearthing of the active defect on the Ethereum network has had no effect on the value of Ethereum, probably because vulnerabilities are not atypical on the Ethereum blockchain.

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