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Ethereum Worth Over $60 Million Locked For Staking Via Kraken Within 4 Days Of Service Launch

Over one hundred thousand ETH, worth over sixty million USD, have now locked up for ETH 2.0 staking through Kraken. The aforementioned mark is reached within 4 days of the cryptocurrency exchange launching the service.

Notably, the milestone was achieved on 8th December, with the exchange approximating that its staking service signifies around eight percent of all ETH staked for Ethereum 2.0 so far. The exchange approximates that its service will provide an APY of between five percent and seventeen percent.

MyEtherWallet, the popular Ethereum wallet interface has also declared the incorporation of staking DApp ‘Staked’. MyEtherWallet users are able to stake ETH by means of Kraken’s web interface or Android wallet app.

Tim Ogilvie, the CEO of Staked mentioned,

“MEW is rightly regarded as one of the original Ethereum wallets and it is only fitting that MEW users can now take advantage of our staking infrastructure to participate in Ethereum’s major upgrade.”

Jeremy Welch, the Vice President of product at Kraken, mentioned that the digital asset exchange has long been a supporter of Ethereum blockchain. He further added that Kraken was one of the 1st crypto exchanges to list ETH in 2015.

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