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Etherscan Cautions Against Ongoing MetaMask Phishing Attacks

Renowned digital asset analytics platforms Etherscan and CoinGecko have recently issued an alert against an ongoing phishing attack on their platforms. The firms started investigating the attack after several users reported unusual MetaMask pop-ups prompting users to connect their digital asset wallets to the website.

Based on the information disclosed by the analytics firms, the latest phishing attack strives to gain access to users’ funds by requesting to integrate their virtual asset wallets via MetaMask once they access the official websites.

While highlighting that no advertiser or publisher was at fault, Coinzilla divulged plans of going on the offensive, mentioning,

“An ad code was inserted from an external source via an HTML5 banner. We will be closely working with our publishers to offer support to affected users, identify the person that was behind the attack, and act accordingly.”

As per earlier media reports on 25th April, hackers were able to gain access to BAYC’s official Instagram account. The hackers then contacted BAYC’s Instagram followers and shared links to fake airdrops.

The team behind BAYC recently warned investors about an attack after hackers were found to breach their official Instagram account.

Afterwards, users who connected their MetaMask wallets to the fraudulent website were drained of their Ape NFTs. Unconfirmed reports suggest that approximately hundred non fungible tokens were appropriated during the phishing attack.

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