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Ex-Nissan Chairman Used Bitcoins To Flee Japan, Money Purportedly Sent Via Coinbase

Crypto exchange Coinbase processed five hundred thousand USD in BTC payments that assisted the histrionic escape of Carlos Ghosn, ex-chairman of Nissan Motor Co., as per Bloomberg.

Last year, 2 American citizens used a box to smuggle Ghosn out of Japan, where he was facing felonious charges for misappropriation and pecuniary manipulation.

The former executive, who denies any wrongdoing, now lives in Lebanon, which does not have extradition relations with Japan.

As per a court filing, the money was purportedly sent by means of Coinbase over a 4-month period by Ghosn’s son, Anthony, to an coconspirator named Peter Taylor.

Notably, Taylor pocketed over a million USD in the entire sequence. The filing mentions that he had previously received over eight hundred thousand USD in another transfer, wired by Carlos himself.

As per a recent TV interview, Ghosn has promised to help the individuals that assisted him during his difficult times in Japan, as per a Reuters report.

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