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Fidelity Anticipates BTC Price To Reach A Hundred Million USD By 2035

While numerous retail analysts have been giving some crazy targets for the price of Bitcoin, this time investment giant Fidelity has made some astonishing forecasts.

It is to be noted that the investment giant conducted a “very special” webinar recently. In the webinar, the Boston-based firm has turned ultra-bullish for BTC. Discussing its possible effect on the market, the analyst at Fidelity took a deep dive into the cryptocurrency.

Fidelity has been in the digital asset domain for a while now. The financial giant has its own virtual currency subsidiary offering enterprise-grade BTC custodial services to institutions.

Even though we have fifteen years of the time horizon to touch the aforementioned targets, it seems quixotic at this point of time. Apropos the prediction, a digital asset analyst mentioned on Reddit,

“Bitcoin is not gonna reach $100 million. That would give it a market cap of $2,100 trillion. The total wealth of the entire world is $418 trillion.”

Interestingly, the webinar elaborated the purchasing power of several asset classes. Stocks were the comprehensible winner followed by bonds and cash. The purchasing power of USD stood the least. Gold isn’t even doing better at ninety four dollars whereas the inflation index has surged to sixty five dollars.

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