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Filecoin Founder Discusses the Development of AI and Decentralized Storage

Clara Tsao, the founder and director of the Filecoin Foundation, recently spoke about the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and decentralized storage. She explained how Filecoin aims to utilize AI within its system.

Speaking at ETHDenver, Tsao highlighted the long-term stewardship responsibilities of the Filecoin Foundation and its role as the world’s largest decentralized storage network. She emphasized the critical role of decentralized storage in the era of AI-driven technology.

Filecoin is a storage network that ensures the safety of crucial data. It operates like an online storage space where files can be securely stored. People pay to store files on a network of connected users. The storage providers in the network prove they can store data correctly over time.

To ensure data is secure and easily accessible, Filecoin rewards miners who facilitate rapid data retrieval. It employs special methods like Proof of Replication (PoRep) and Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) to verify data integrity and availability.

Tsao presented a map featuring 3,300 storage providers worldwide, forming Filecoin’s storage network. These providers, ranging from large data centers to local setups, are the backbone of Filecoin’s secure storage system.

She mentioned that the way the Filecoin network is set up plays a significant role in ensuring data security and accessibility, especially as AI continues to develop rapidly.

AI is expected to become more prevalent, with its usage projected to increase by 34% by 2026, raising concerns about the cost and size of data storage.

The executive believes that distributing storage across different locations is necessary to effectively handle the vast amounts of data required for training AI. With an impressive 7.1 exabytes of available storage space and continuous expansion, Filecoin is a key player in achieving this goal.

Why Filecoin is Important for AI and Decentralized Storage

She also mentioned three main advantages that make Filecoin a leader in enabling AI development through decentralized storage.

When it comes to scale and cost efficiency, she explained that as AI computations require more resources, storage costs pose a significant challenge for businesses.

Filecoin’s decentralized storage offers an economically efficient solution, allowing innovation without the burden of high storage costs.

Moreover, with trust in AI declining, where 61% of people express concerns, Tsao stated that Filecoin addresses this issue with its unique storage proof system.

This ensures data integrity and source verification, which is crucial for addressing issues like deep fakes and ensuring the reliability of data in AI models.

Lastly, Tsao emphasized concerns about big companies monopolizing data in the AI era. Filecoin’s decentralized approach helps mitigate this risk, preventing data centralization in the hands of a few entities. This aligns with Filecoin’s commitment to promoting data transparency, provenance, and accessibility.

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