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Germany’s 2nd Largest Stock Exchange ‘Stuttgart’ & ‘SolarisBank’ Make Zero-Trading Fee Crypto Exchange

The ‘Stuttgart Exchange Group’ is the second largest stock exchange in Germany, after The Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The former has partnered with German fintech company with banking license ‘SolarisBank’  to create infrastructure for a zero-fee crypto exchange. The SolarisBank, the tech company with its banking license, enables companies to offer their own financial products with its banking-as-a-service (BaaS) offering. Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will be available initially along with an ICO announced previously.

Roland Folz, CEO of SolarisBank:

“A reliable and efficient trading platform is an elementary contribution to [their] vision of a hybrid financial world with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.”

Earlier this year reports first emerged of Stuttgart group’s interest to foray into crypto and trading. Now, in partnership with SolarisBank, the infrastructure developments for the same are set in motion. The group aims to create more trust and reliability to users and investors with its products. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future. The Future is Now!

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