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Google Trends Data Divulges Significant Drop In Interest For Metaverse And NFTs

While the global search interest for the keywords “Metaverse” and “NFT” exploded in the last quarter of 2021, Google Trends data shows that the hype may have begun to fade away in the month of February this year.

Google Trends data shows that in the last 12 months, searches for “metaverse” gained traction from the month of October to December 2021. Nevertheless, since the start of 2022, the search interest has continued to decline, hitting its lowest point in the month of March.

Besides the keyword “metaverse,” the data indicates that the global search for “NFT” has also begun its plunge this year. Nonetheless, the drop for NFT is more discernible, as it reached record highs last year then plummeted sharply in the 1st quarter of this year.

In the last twelve months, users from Turkey have been at the peak of the interest-by-region category in Google Trends for the keyword “metaverse.” The nation outdid China and Singapore, which rank number two and three, respectively. Cyprus and Lebanon follow closely at 4th and 5th, respectively.

In the meantime, Singapore has held the top spot in the interest-by-country list for the past twelve months for the keyword “NFT.” The nation is followed by Hong Kong, China, Canada and the Philippines.

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