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Government Of Dubai Mulling Over Making Offices In The Metaverse

Dubai, an emirate that is part of the UAE, is purportedly taking a couple of its government departments into the metaverse, to permit users to perform actions in these facilities in the future. This would be the next step for the nation, which has earlier presented its Dubai Metaverse Strategy to position this technology as a crucial part of the future of the emirate.

Sharad Agarwal, chief metaverse officer of Cybergear, a Dubai-based metaverse company, recently talked about this process at a local metaverse-themed event.

He mentioned,

“We have started getting a lot of inquiries from government departments and ministries to make them Metaverse-enabled. It is just a matter of time before Dubai becomes the crypto and Metaverse hub of the world.”

Nonetheless, the setting up of these areas and the establishment of their functions will take time.

Agarwal further mentioned,

“There is hard work involved, so you need to decide what services you want to offer and business model and then onboard the community just like it exists in the physical world.”

Notably, Dubai has been one of the nations that has put a worldwide plan in place to make the metaverse a profitable domain in the future. Recently, the digital currency regulator of the nation established its operations in the metaverse, being one of the pioneers in this domain.

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