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Hacker Steals Fifteen Million USD From Unreleased Yearn Finance Project

An unreleased project being constructed by Yearn Finance’s Andre Cronje has been drained of fifteen million USD.

The DeFi community’s unquenchable hunger for unaudited code has once again concluded in tears and the damage of millions of dollars.

Eminence, an incomplete “economy for a gaming multiverse” being constructed by Yearn Finance’s Andre ‘I test in production’ Cronje, was discovered by DeFi investigators subsequent to the posting of art teasers by the developer for the project to Twitter. Subsequent to that, he headed to bed on 28th September.

Enthusiasm for the imminent project rapidly touched a fever pitch, with the public FOMOing around fifteen million USD into the EMN protocol. Nevertheless, the protocol was rapidly subjugated and drained.

Remarking that he has received several intimidations, Cronje declared that the Yearn treasury will help in compensating users back the eight million USD he received from the hacker as per a snapshot of EMN balances preceding the hack.

The developer highlighted that neither Eminence’s contracts nor ecosystem are concluding, highlighting that he wasn’t planning on releasing the project for the imminent 3 weeks.

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