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Hackers Attack Argentina’s Largest Telecommunications Company, Demand Over Seven Million USD In Monero

The largest telecommunications company in Argentina, Telecom S.A. has gone through a ransomware attack as hackers demand approximately seven and a half million USD worth of Monero before 21st July. Moreover, if the corporation does not meet the deadline, the payable amount will increase to fifteen million USD worth of Monero, the privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

It is to be noted that the hackers are not only demanding the money to be paid in Monero but also left a message with links where to purchase the cryptocurrency.

According to the local news outlet, the attack has not affected telephone services provided by the company. However, the company has purportedly lost admittance to OneDrive and Office365 files.

As per the local reports, the attack had begun as early as Wednesday, when employees started observing trouble opening the establishment’s VPN and other databases. Initial approximations suggest that the attack may have a bearing on the daily operations of at least eighteen thousand teams.

Notably, the aforementioned hack took place just a few days subsequent to the colossal Twitter hack, which is now being inspected by the FBI.

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