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HyperCycle is building a tiny but essential component that enables AI Machines to transact with other AI machines in a sub-second finality.

What Is Hypercycle?

Why Are We in Paraguay?

What Is Hyper PG?

How Will This Be Used in the Real World?

How Will This Technology Benefit the User?

The Story of Penguin, Part 1

The Story of Penguin, Part 2

Ben Goertzel & Toda IP

How Will Paraguay Benefit From Hypercycle?

What Is Earch64 Built on Toda IP?

Your Strength in the Collective Future

Why Is Hypercycle Coming to Paraguay?

The Future of AI Technology

The Journey in Penguin Digital

Project: HyperCycle.AI – The Future of Decentralized AI 2023

Objective: Create connecting content and run the companies social media, scale its image and appeal to the Blockchain community & beyond for HyperPG in Paraguay, an AI super computer under Presidential patronage, created by HyperCycle and Penguin Digital, Paraguay’s leading digital software solutions company.

Time in pre-production: 2 days Time in production: 2 days Time in post-production: 2 weeks

SMM: Reporting Period: [27.06.23] – [27.08.23]
1. Executive Summary
Successful launch of the new design and content plan increased:
● The overall number of visits to HyperCycle’s social media profile by ~15% compared to the start of the period (Jun – Aug)
● The overall reach for posts on social media grew by ~ 40% compared to the start of the period (Jun – Aug)
● The total number of subscribers increased by + 2438 organic followers (Jun – Aug)
2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Total organic Followers: + 2483
3. Platform Highlights

4. Next Steps
Plans are being made for Soft PR through HYPC Reddit and Hackernoon. A strategy is also in the planning stage for organizing events using services such as Zealy + QuestN.

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