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iGaming Company Donates Fifty Thousand Euro To UNICEF, Aims To Tackle COVID-19

AskGamblers, an igaming company, has recently revealed where the money raised earlier in the year as part of its ‘Charity Night’ will be donated. The company will be donating fifty thousand Euro to UNICEF to help in the battle against coronavirus pandemic.

In the first month of 2020, various partners of the company from the igaming industry, all bid for highest places on the entity’s website in a move intended to fetch funds for benevolent causes.

Apart from funds donated to UNICEF, around twelve thousand Euro will be donated to the National Organization for Rare Diseases of Serbia and approximately five thousand Euro to Zvoncica, the parent organization of children with cancer and other sporadic ailments.

The Vice President of AskGamblers, Nikola Teofilovic commented,

“NORBS foundation and “Zvoncica” are the houses the raised money goes to. In the times that are not too bright, the fact we’ve managed to help someone’s life get a bit brighter makes me, and all of us at AskGamblers, feel very grateful.”

He also acknowledged everyone for being considerate apropos the importance of the cause, voicing optimism that better times are ahead of us.

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