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India And Hong Kong Purportedly The Most Popular Locations For Play To Earn Games, As Per Report

India, Hong Kong, and the UAE are purportedly the top 3 locations where P2E games thrive, as per a recent study conducted by Finder. The study estimated that thirty four percent of the Indian respondents had played a P2E game. Hong Kong holds the 2nd place with an estimated twenty nine percent, while the United Arab Emirates holds the 3rd position with around twenty seven percent.

Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption Report ascertained that P2E games have become a highly desired niche for users around the world. Particularly, the results divulged that men under thirty five years old are more likely to interact with the NFT gaming industry.

Notably, India is the worldwide leader as every 3rd respondent admitted they have played a play to earn game. Hong Kong and UAE follow closely. France and Sweden were at the bottom with six percent and four percent respectively.

Another recent study by DappRadar divulged that blockchain-based games raised over two and a half billion dollars in the first quarter of this year from investors. Some of the most significant examples of such financings include Yuga Labs and Immutable-X. The former is a studio behind the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Notably, Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, and Crazy Defense Heroes are the top ranked play to earn games for the player base.

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