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Interpol Announces Launch Of Its Own Metaverse, Will Allow Users To Access Headquarters

Now you will be able to visit the Interpol headquarters in the metaverse. Nevertheless, a team of experts will monitor Web3 more closely.

On 20th October, the International Criminal Police Organization declared the launch of the 1st metaverse. The police organization unveiled the news during the 90th anniversary of its General Assembly in India.

As per the release, the Interpol metaverse permits users worldwide to access Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France.

The Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization, mentioned that Interpol is working to make users around the world feel safeguarded even in this new era of virtual interactions.

He said,

“For many, the Metaverse seems to herald an abstract future, but the issues it raises are those that have always motivated INTERPOL – supporting our member countries to fight crime and making the world, virtual or not, safer for those who inhabit it.”

As per the report of the General Assembly presented on 19th October, cyber threats have been increasing exponentially around the world as per the data collected in the organization’s one hundred and ninety five member nations, so this new implementation attempts to target a criminal sector that is becoming an arising threat.

In addition, Interpol mentioned that financial crime and cybercrime are interrelated, as many of them are being carried out via digital technologies that also serve to launder money.

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