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MetaMask Now Supports Instant Digital Currency Purchase Through Bank

ConsenSys, the parent company of the renowned digital asset wallet MetaMask, has declared an integration with the fintech business Sardine that would make it easier for customers to convert cash into virtual assets.

A recent blog article by ConsenSys suggested that high-speed ACH transfers through Sardine are superior to other options for certain consumers. Limits on how much money may be sent, or denied transactions, whether using a digital currency exchange or a credit card, might lessen the convenience of certain payment options.

With the new MetaMask integration, users may exchange up to three thousand dollars per day for over thirty different tokens using the Sardine platform. Concerns around security may be raised in light of the fact that prompt conversions and transactions are possible. In a Twitter post, Metamask mentioned, “Sardine’s payment system helps combat fraud.” However, the post did not elaborate further.

Notably, the company is confident in its capacity to deal with and avert deception since it guarantees that Sardine will endure full responsibility for any chargebacks or refunds made by other business customers. Last month, Sardine secured over fifty one million dollars in a Series B fundraising round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

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