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Mexican Exchange Unveils Digital Asset Donation Platform, Aims To Help Families Impacted By Coronavirus

Bitso, a Mexican virtual currency exchange, recently collaborated with the crowdfunding platform Donadora to unveil a cryptocurrency-based donation system. The platform will aid collect required funds to purchase food for the most helpless families affected by the deadly coronavirus.

As per a report published by El Heraldo de México on 15th May, each pantry delivered will be worth one hundred and fifty Mexican pesos. They will have adequate food to feed families of 4 to 6 members for at least a week. Notably, donation options include fiat currencies as well as several cryptocurrencies including XRP, BTC, and ETH.

The digital asset exchange mentioned that cryptocurrency donations are a very well-organized way of doing crowdfunding. As per the local exchange, they have a decentralized nature and anyone around the globe can partake in the initiative.

Subsequent to the announcement, Bitso mentioned,

“Donations through cryptocurrency wallets are easy, fast, and secure. Transactions are reflected in seconds, making it a very transparent method to ensure that your donation was received.”

Numerous digital asset firms launched analogous initiatives related to the coronavirus epidemic disaster across the planet. This includes BitMEX, the Stellar Foundation, and Binance.

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