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Mexico’s Third Richest Person: ‘Absolutely Right To Think Of Bitcoin As New Gold’

The 3rd richest person in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego doubles down on Bitcoin yet again as gold and the U.S. dollar come in for grave criticism.

In a recent tweet, Pliego, already well known as a Bitcoin proponent, acknowledged claims that he suggests Bitcoin as an investment rather than fiat currencies or gold.

Notably, Pliego has stuck by his opinion, furthering South America’s newfound fondness for the largest digital asset.

Peigo also responded to a tweet by MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor. He said,

“That’s totally right, Bitcoin is the new gold, but too much more portable, transport Bitcoin is so much easier than having your in pockets gold bars … and i know that I’m going to be attacked by gold lovers.”

Peter Schiff, debatably the most vocal gold bug on Twitter, continues to criticize BTC as vastly inferior to the precious metal.

He recently tweeted,

“Most of the Bitcoin buyers who bought the last dip below $30K will not buy the next.”

He added,

“The main buyers will be those who took profits on the bounce. Therefore the next dip will not enjoy nearly as much support. New buyers will likely show up at $20K, but fewer than did at $30K.”

A drop to twenty thousand dollars or even lower has been acknowledged as a likelihood by analysts themselves. Nevertheless, this weekend, BTC/USD maintained thirty thousand dollars support after the latest retest.

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