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Michael Saylor: You Would Not Want To Leave Dogecoin To Your Grandson

The co-founder and CEO of the business analytics firm MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor is of the opinion that it is not prudent to bequeath Dogecoin to your grandchildren.

Additionally, he explained the positive prospects of Bitcoin and breached the noteworthy dissimilarities between the primary digital asset and the meme token.

During a recent interview, Saylor touched upon Elon Musk’s recent tweets and public endorsement of the meme token. More specifically, he mentioned the mass enthusiasm that has surrounded the meme coin, its price rise, and celebrity involvement.

Saylor suggested that the economic situation nowadays is highly uncertain and investors have lost trust in standard strategies, bonds, treasury, and more. This, combined with one’s hunt for quick financial gains rather than hanging around for years, has changed their outlook about associating with digital assets like Dogecoin.

Nevertheless, MicroStrategy’s CEO forewarned individuals to be highly vigilant when investing in the meme token. He remarked that Bitcoin is the virtual asset ”for the next hundred years.”

He added,

”I don’t think you’re going to want to leave Dogecoin to your grandson or your granddaughter.”

Notwithstanding the predominantly discouraging outlook Michael Saylor had about the meme coin, he also gave a quick rundown on some of its advantages.

He went further mentioning that doling out funds to Dogecoin is similar to purchasing a lottery ticket, an amusing activity to do if you are bored ”on a Saturday night” with the chance to win a few bucks.

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