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Microsoft Chief Data Analytics Officer Delineates $40 million ‘AI for Health’ Initiative

Microsoft is reminding the people that corporate giants can make virtuous contributions in the global ecosystem with a $40 million AI healthcare initiative.

In a blog post, John Kahan, the chief data analytics officer of Microsoft, describes the new initiative which intends to develop the health of people and groups around the globe.

The chief data analytics officer notes how the people have never been healthier or safer, on the whole. Mainly, he highlights the precipitous warning in maternal and child mortality rates.

Nevertheless, this development has not been shared likewise around the globe. Some expanses are still underserved with an absence of admittance to even rudimentary healthcare.

It is to be noted that the AI for Health initiative by Microsoft is primarily a 5-year program which emphasizes 3 important areas. The first one is – quest for discovery. This includes fast-tracking medical research to advance anticipation, treatment, and diagnoses of diseases. The second one is -global health insights. This includes snowballing our common understanding of mortality and endurance to shield against worldwide health disasters like the recent outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus. The third one is – health equity. It includes working out health discrimination and refining admittance to upkeep for underserved inhabitants of our planet.

Interestingly, the amount committed by the software giant will aid fund researchers, nonprofits, and others, who are essentially working to advance healthcare around the globe using Artificial Intelligence. Notably, the partners in the initiative will have access to Microsoft’s cloud tools.

Furthermore, the software giant is increasing its cooperation with PATH, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and BRAC to aid speed up their work in embarking upon things like maternal mortality, childhood cancer, and tuberculosis.

The AI initative for healthcare by Microsoft is another drop in the pond across the booming AI sector specifically in the healthcare space, advancing our understanding of modern medicine and its true but perhaps yet undiscovered capabilities. This is just a wave in an ocean of a new industry that promises to better human lives on our planet. Stay tuned to the future!

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