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Monetary Authority of Singapore Places Binance Under Investor Alert List

One of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges, Binance continues to be in the hot seat of some nations around the globe. This time, the exchange catches the notice of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has placed Binance on the Singapore central bank’s Investor Alert List.

In the past couple of months, the cryptocurrency exchange has been targeted by numerous nations around the globe. These nations mentioned that the exchange did not have the acceptable documentation to operate in their respective nation.

On the other hand, the digital asset exchange continues to stand strong despite facing suppression by authorities around the globe. In fact, the exchange continues to rank 1st in the top digital asset exchanges list published by crypto data aggregator CoinGecko. Particularly, the exchange records a twenty four-hour trading volume amounting to approximately thirty billion dollars.

Besides, the regulatory issues surrounding the virtual asset exchanges are not new in the cryptosphere. In other words, the digital asset domain has already faced numerous obstructions like this in the past couple of years. That being so, we can anticipate that these sort of events will not break off the crypto space, particularly the digital asset exchanges, from providing continued services to the users.

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