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Moody’s Looking To Hire Staff To Support Research On NFTs

Moody’s Investors Service, one of the world’s largest credit-rating companies is looking to hire staff to support research on decentralised finance, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, non fungible tokens and other virtual currencies.

As per a recent job posting, the credit-ratings giant is looking to hire digital asset analysts to get to grips with “the potential wide-reaching impact of decentralized finance (DeFi) on existing ecosystems.”

Referring to CBDCs and NFTs, Moody’s mentioned that the appropriate candidate for the positions, advertised in London and New York, would:

“Develop deep understanding and working knowledge of blockchain and crypto-assets, plus DeFi to support research analysis on DeFi, CBDCs, stablecoins, NFTs and other crypto-assets.”

As per the advertisement, the applicants should have an

“Intermediate understanding of blockchain and crypto-asset industry, especially DeFi.”

It is to be noted that Moody’s Investors Service, which is the bond credit rating business of Moody’s Corp., is one of the big 3 credit-ratings organisations, along with S&P’s and Fitch Group.

Other digital asset-related job postings from Moody’s included a virtual currency Analytical Framework Designer, which also mentions DeFi. Another posting mentioned Senior Blockchain Analyst, that should have “1-3+ years of practical experience with crypto analysis, building blockchain applications, cryptography, stablecoins and/or DAOs.”

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