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New BTC Addresses Touch 2-Year High, China Supposedly Behind The Spike

China may be behind a hefty surge in new Bitcoin addresses as establishments start a targeted marketing campaign, in favor of digital assets.

In a series of tweets, analyst and market cyclist Cole Garner emphasized a 2-year record surge in new Bitcoin addresses recently.

Via data from on-chain monitoring resource Glassnode, Garner highlighted that approximately twenty-two thousand new Bitcoin entities appeared on one day alone. The regular level is between five thousand and ten thousand per day.

Garner was working on other new understandings from statistician Willy Woo. Last month, Woo explained what he said was an upsurge in activity by new partakers coming into Bitcoin not yet mirrored in price, also from the Glassnode data.

New addresses are a significant volume metric, Garner continued, and price action should ensue. He commented,

“Volume, precedes price.”

China has conventionally been seen as a unreceptive milieu when it comes to users’ capacity to get involved in the crypto transactions. A prohibition from 2017 still stays in place, with transactions limited to OTC trades, in spite of mining activities agreeably continuing.

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