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New Malware Targets Cryptocurrency Traders Using MacOS

As per a recent research, a new cybersecurity breach using malware dubbed GMERA is targeting digital assets traders who use trading applications on Apple’s macOS.

ESET, which is an internet security company, recently figured out that the malware comes along with digital trading applications that appear to be legal and attempts to snip users’ virtual assets from their crypto wallets.

Researchers at Trend Micro, another cybersecurity firm, initially discovered GMERA malware last year, when it was masquerading as the Mac-specific stock investment app Stockfolio.

The security company discovered that the malware operators have integrated the malware to the original macOS digital asset trading app dubbed Kattana. Furthermore, they have imitated the website of the company and are promoting 4 new counterfeit apps. These include Cupatrade, Licatrade, Cointrazer, and Trezarus. These apps are also infected with the malware.

The researchers further mentioned that the culprits have been directly communicating with their targets. They performed social engineering on them to download the infected application.

As per the findings, the malware snips secret information including user names, location, digital asset wallets, and even sensitive screenshots from the system of the end-user.

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