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Nineteen Percent Of BTC’s Hashrate Managed by Publicly Listed Companies, Shows Research

As per findings stemming from a report published by Arcane Research, BTC’s hashrate is steadily going public as a swelling share is deployed by publicly listed companies. Present data shows that the publicly listed miners’ share of Bitcoin’s hashrate is approximately nineteen percent today, up three percent since the month of January last year.

During the last couple of years, Bitcoin mining has grown a great deal as the digital asset’s hashrate reached all-time highs this year. Currently, the network’s hashrate reads around 222.18 EH/s, or two hundred twenty-two quintillion hashes per second.

In the meantime, a recent report published by Arcane Research elucidates that nineteen percent of the hashrate today is operated by publicly listed mining companies. For example, Hive Blockchain Technologies, Riot Blockchain, Cleanspark, Marathon Digital Holdings, Bitfarms, and Hut 8 Mining are publicly listed BTC mining operators.

The researcher concludes that since these firms intend to grow capacity quicker than the entire network, “the U.S. and Canada’s share of the total hashrate will likely increase.” Using Arcane’s nineteen percent metric shows that out of the two hundred and twenty two exa-hash per second in global hashrate today, 42.18 EH/s is managed by publicly listed mining organisations.

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