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No Requirement To Push CBD Legalization Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, Says New York Senator

New York politicians will probably have to take up CBD legalization subsequent to the neutralization of the coronavirus threat, as per a New York senator.

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo has advised legislators to include legalization language in the annual budget, the contagion has changed legislative primacies. The sponsor of a newly revised reform bill, Sen. Liz Krueger hinted previously that the state’s requirement to take action against the public health catastrophe would signify that moving forward legalization through the budget ahead of an April 1 bound would not be achievable.

In a new statement, she commented that the legislature and governor “are deeply engaged in ensuring we quickly pass a budget that meets the immediate needs of our state as we face this crisis.” However, the CBD reform possibly will not be considered for now due to the coronavirus led crisis.

She said,

“Assembly Peoples-Stokes and I have put forward what I believe to be the best proposal to achieve marijuana legalization, and I would be happy to see the Governor include it in his budget. However, while it is important that we end marijuana prohibition as soon as possible, it is also important that it be done the right way.”

Krueger mentioned,

“If that cannot be achieved in the midst of a public health crisis, then we will all be better off waiting. There is no reason we cannot negotiate and pass a nation-leading legalization model when the crisis is over.”

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