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P2E Gaming Is In A Long ‘Maturation Phase’, Says Crypto Unicorn Founder

As the hype surrounding P2E games and platforms started to dwindle in early this year, Web3 participants started to emphasize the requirement for games to be more “fun” and less finance-oriented. In a recent episode of NFT Steez, Alyssa Expósito and Ray Salmond spoke with Aron Beireschmitt, the CEO of Laguna Games and founder of Crypto Unicorns, about the sustainability of play-to-earn focused blockchain games.

For Beireschmitt, the evolution from a play-to-earn to a play-and-earn model suggests that there is still experimentation and maturation to be seen for these games. Beireschmitt mentions,

“Nothing has changed about making games. Nonetheless, with blockchain technology, digital asset natives and gamers are now able to play, own and potentially monetize from these play-and-earning models. The larger question at hand is, is it sustainable?”

As per Beireschmitt, there is an absence of “incentive alignment for free-to-play,” whereby developers maximize on extracting value from the minority of players who spend in free-to-play games.

Nevertheless, Beireschmitt highlighted that for the dynamic to be sustainable, “skill-based gaming loops” and “token sinks” must be applied as this returns the player back to the economy and ecosystem. As Beireschmitt mentioned, most P2E games are still working out their transition from “growth phase” to “maturation phase,” but he is of the opinion that there is a bright future in the days ahead!

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