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Pakistan SEC Mulling Over Regulating Digital Currencies

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is mulling over framing a regulatory framework for virtual assets. The nation’s securities regulator has emphasized that the framework is significant to evaluate the possibilities of digital assets while still shielding investors.

As per a recent report, the Pakistan authorities are seeking to frame a regulatory outline to govern the trading of crypto assets in the nation. Specifically, the development was started by the nation’s SEC, ostensibly marking the 1st time a regulatory body makes such a move to govern digital assets in the nation.

The development comes as the nation’s regulator is getting ready to enter a new age of digital finance. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan recognized the mounting market valuation and prospects of digital assets, adding that crypto can bring novelties to the financial domain. Nevertheless, the capacities can only be harnessed with outlines set in place to legalize the market while still guaranteeing that partaking investors are protected from any linked danger.

The requirement for the regulatory answer to the digital asset domain is driven by the mounting attention, involvement, and investments in virtual assets. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies aren’t included in the present regulatory framework, besides they can influence the nation’s financial industry, as per the SCEP.

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