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Philcoin is a human-focused blockchain platform that bridges philanthropy and technology. It is committed to solving real-world problems through its donate-and-earn ecosystem. At the heart of Philcoin is PHILApp, a super dApp that helps grow people and communities. While you chat, connect on social media, learn, listen to music, play games, and more, you can earn and give back at the same time.

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Project: Philcoin 2023 – Revolutionizing Philanthropy With The Power of Blockchain

Objective: Create an intricate marketing campaign aimed at scaling the company’s social media, its trust to a wider audience while creating a funnel for PHILApp’s downloads.

Time in pre-production: 2 weeks Time in production: 5 days Time in post-production: 4 weeks

SMM: Twitter: From Neglected to Activated
Initial State and Challenges
Upon inheriting the Philcoin Twitter account, we found it in a state of neglect, reflecting a lack of interest from the previous team.
A cursory analysis showed that the account’s professional mode was disabled, preventing any form of performance analytics or KPI tracking.
Actions Taken
● Analytics and Professional Mode: Enabled the professional mode and analytics features to understand the weak performance indicators.
● Verification and Twitter Blue: Successfully verified the account with a blue checkmark and activated Twitter’s ‘Blue’ subscription to unlock advanced capabilities.
● Content Audit: Upon reviewing past posts, we found poorly structured tweets, irrelevant hashtags, and limited calls-to-action (CTAs). The page served mainly as a repository for content intended for other platforms. (Instagram mostly)
Strategy Implementation
● Content Planning: Instituted a more systematic approach by planning out a week’s worth of content in advance.

● Relevant Hashtags and CTAs: Introduced relevant hashtags and compelling CTAs, resulting in increased app downloads (a key KPI).
● Follower Growth and Reach: Notably, the number of followers began to grow, and the account’s reach expanded.
● Engaging Content: The newly implemented content strategy started attracting more user interactions.
Branding: From Inconsistent to Cohesive
The Philcoin brand lacked a recognizable and consistent design, with a mix of unrelated illustrations.

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