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Prominent News Agency of Italy Uses Blockchain Against False Coronavirus News

While some international authorities are imposing fines and detention for laying out untruthful information related to coronavirus, a key news agency in Italy is planning to halt bogus news by applying blockchain technology.

The main news agency of Italy and an international publication, ANSA has launched a news tracking system based on blockchain to bring more trust between the company and its readers. On 6th April, ANSA announced that ANSAcheck is a blockchain-powered instrument that ostensibly lets users authenticate the origin and history of news published on its platforms as well as social media or other platforms.

The CEO at ANSA, Stefano de Alessandri mentioned that the news agency has become aware of recurrent deceitful use of ANSA brand to provide untruthful info. He further emphasized that ANSA is the primary agency to implement blockchain technology to tackle the issue.

He said,

“We are therefore particularly proud to be the first to launch a highly innovative project, carried out for all our readers and the clients of the Agency […] Starting today, we can track the origin of the news and – at the same time – support the professionalism of our journalists.”

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