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RollerCoin: How To Play And Earn Money With This Mining Simulator

RollerCoin is a game that lets you earn real crypto by playing. It also has a mobile app. The game is centered on cryptocurrency mining, but you don’t need expensive equipment. The amount of crypto that players earn depends on their mining power that they get from playing games. The game allows players to “mine” three different cryptocurrencies, namely BTC, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, as well as RollerToken.

After customizing and choosing an avatar, each player is assigned a basic game room with a computer for mining. This is the player’s base, where they can set up mining equipment to get the highest possible mining power and a share of the block rewards.

To make the most of their cryptocurrency income potential, players can use the RollerCoin calculator. There are many such calculators available online or as apps, developed by RollerCoin enthusiasts.

These calculators can help players estimate how much they can earn from their mining power and provide expected reward predictions for daily, weekly, and monthly periods. Users can enter their mining power, the network power of the desired coin, and the block reward of the desired coin. Many calculators also allow users to enter the fiat currency they want to convert their crypto earnings to.

Three ways to play and earn money with RollerCoin

Players can increase their mining power to earn real crypto in three ways. The first way is to buy virtual mining equipment and miners. After registering, users receive their own in-game room, which can be filled with cryptocurrency mining equipment. The equipment can be obtained or purchased through playing games.

If a room is full, players can buy another room to increase their mining power and profit potential. Unlike mini-games, having virtual miners work on their equipment permanently increases their mining power.

The second way to earn crypto on RollerCoin is to play mini-games. All games have three game variables: time, difficulty, and reward. Playing the difficult version of a game brings higher rewards and a temporary boost in mining power. This feature of the game motivates players to play games continuously and frequently.

The third way is through referrals. When a friend signs up for the game using the player’s referral code, the player receives 25% of any income that their referee earns in the game, as well as 10% of any purchases that their referee makes.

This percentage applies to all profits obtained from mining equipment or playing mini-games. Referees can also refer others, increasing the original player’s passive income. RollerCoin is a very easy-to-use and popular P2E game. Unlike other cryptocurrency games, it does not require users to make any investments to get mining power, so it is completely free.

Summary RollerCoin is a game where you can earn real crypto by playing mini-games and mining. You don’t need expensive equipment, because mining power is obtained through playing games. Players can use the RollerCoin calculator to maximize their income potential. The harder the game, the more rewards and temporary mining power you get.

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