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Russia Imports Largest Bitcoin Miner Batch Till Date

Russia has purportedly imported thousands of digital asset mining devices amid an enormous surge in the virtual currency market.

A senior executive at BitRiver, which is one of the largest digital asset mining colocation services providers in Russia, mentioned that a local client got more than twenty thousand virtual currency mining devices, according to a recent report published by Russian news agency Kommersant.

Igor Runets, the founder and CEO of BitRiver, mentioned that the total mining power of the imported hardware amounts to seventy MWh, which is purportedly projected to make up the biggest single batch of cryptocurrency mining hardware in the country. Runets further mentioned that the hardware was delivered in the month of December, last year. As per him, it was instantly set up for Bitcoin mining in the Russian city of Bratsk.

Runets added that the crypto mining rigs were imported from Asia. The company did not disclose either the name of the Russian client or the exact nation that exported the hardware. The company’s representative mentioned that the mining data center was established at one of the company’s locations.

In spite of Russia espousing its digital asset law “On Digital Financial Assets” in January 2021, there is a certain level of ambiguity about virtual asset mining in the nation as the law does not provide a lucid governing outline for the crypto mining industry.

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