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Scientists Develop Artificial Intelligence Program To Detect Lung Cancer

A group of scientists have developed an AI based program that can test individuals for lung cancer by examining their blood for DNA mutations that drive the ailment. Scientists expect that if the software clears trials it could enhance the present rate of screening lung cancer.

The software is untried and needs to be verified in a clinical trial. However, doctors are confident that if it demonstrates its value at scale, it will enhance screening rates of lung cancer by making the process as straightforward as a standard blood test.

It is to be noted that the aforementioned program works by investigating free-floating DNA that circulates in the bloodstream. Most of this genetic detritus enters the bloodstream when benign cells in the individual’s body break down and tip over their molecular entrails. Nonetheless, tumors also shed DNA as they manifest and shoot up.

As per Max Diehn, a student of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University, the system has its own defects. He mentioned,

“Currently we diagnose 60 to 70% of lung cancers at stage 4, when it has spread beyond the lungs.”

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