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Spanish Authorities Arrest Individuals Involved In Cryptocurrency Driven Child Pornography Ring

Spanish officials have detained more than a few folks connected to continuing inquiries against virtual currency-driven child pornography sites on the dark web.

The authorities have taken down a dark-web child pornography ring that used digital asset transactions to pay for the content. During the operation, several individuals across the nation were detained.

As per the Spanish Civil Guard, the aforementioned operation captured 3 individuals connected with the “Welcome 2 Video” platform. The Spanish authorities also got extra assistance from US authorities.

During the operation, the agencies figured out that the consumers would either send digital currencies or use unidentified money transfer services to access videos on the dark web. Apart from that, members were even rewarded for uploading their own videos to the platform.

In another operation, the police detained an individual in Bilbao, Spain, for purchasing child pornography and paying for streaming services where adolescents were raped live or on request. The name of the website was not divulged.

As per the Civil Guard, the website is supposedly run by Philippines’ citizens. Once the nation’s Transnational Criminal Investigations Unit was forewarned, it was eventually able to recognize the content’s authors.

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