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Study Reveals Gender Disparities in Bitcoin Investment Strategies and Outcomes

New research from the University of Cambridge, in partnership with online crypto brokerage eToro, delves into the influence of gender on Bitcoin investment choices. The study, based on over 100 million trades and a survey of 400 users, highlights notable differences between male and female investors’ behaviors and outcomes.

According to the research, men are 11% more inclined to venture into cryptocurrencies than women, a trend that holds true even after accounting for variables like income, age, and other demographics. Moreover, male investors exhibited a higher propensity for risk, allocating larger sums and engaging in more frequent trading activities.

When it came to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), men were twice as likely to invest as women. However, female investors showcased superior performance in terms of investment returns. They generated greater returns relative to their investment sizes compared to their male counterparts. The study also observed a distinct gender-based divergence in investment behavior: men generally displayed higher confidence and a sustained commitment to investing, whereas women typically adopted a more cautious ‘wait-and-see’ strategy or liquidated their holdings after an initial purchase.

The study concludes that while men dominate in terms of investment volume and activity, they lag behind women in achieving successful investment outcomes. This research not only underscores the existing gender disparities in the crypto investment landscape but also prompts further exploration into the factors driving these differences.

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