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Switzerland National Postal Service To Introduce Digital Collectible Stamp

The national postal service of Switzerland is mulling over bridging the space between physical stamps and the virtual asset domain by releasing tradable digital stamps.

On 20th September, the Swiss Post officially declared the forthcoming launch of the “Swiss crypto stamp,” a digital collectible linked to a physical stamp issued by the postal service worth 8.9 francs.

Notably, the aforementioned Swiss cryptocurrency stamp would provide a digital representation for a physical stamp and will be stored on a blockchain. The purchasers would be allowed to discover a digital twin of their physical stamp online through a QR code printed next to the physical stamp.

The forthcoming Swiss crypto stamp will purportedly provide an experience somewhat similar to NFT as some of the stamps would have an unaccustomed design.

The Swiss Post wrote,

“Some are more common, while others are much rarer and more coveted. There are 65,000 copies of the most common digital design, but just 50 of the rarest. One thing is clear: the Swiss crypto stamp means collecting, exchanging and trading stamps has gone digital, too.”

Switzerland is not the 1st nation to experiment with blockchain technology to provide digital stamp collectibles. Earlier in 2019, Austria released its first-ever crypto stamp.

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