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Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Launches NFT, Expresses Interest in DOGE

Naomi Osaka, a top professional tennis player from Japan, has been open about diversifying her investments in digital assets subsequent to noticing the hype around Dogecoin, which was predominantly led by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Osaka divulged that she has been in talks with her agent about virtual assets subsequent to reading about the meme coin and its likelihood to pop up.

The renowned tennis player attributed Twitter’s digital currency ecosystem to be the foremost source of her interest in Dogecoin investments, way before she talked to her investment agent about it.

Osaka has also joined the non fungible token domain by releasing a collection of rare cryptocurrencies prior to the beginning of the United States Open tournament.

Earlier in the month of April, the tennis player launched a 6-piece collection of one-of-one non fungible tokens in collaboration with her sister, Mari Osaka, which as a whole sold for approximately six hundred thousand dollars. Out of the lot, the highest buy amount for one non fungible token was over two hundred thousand dollars, which presently stands as the most pricey sold by a professional tennis player.

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