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‘The Future is Now Gathering’ at Digital Week Online Fall 2020!

The future of Digital, 4IR, AI, Blockchain, Smart Cities – DigitalWeek.Online most ambitious program with 10 Governments, 200+ speakers comes in October

Building on the success of the first global gathering in May 2020, which attracted 170 top-level speakers, Digital Week Online will be expanding this global event to governments, innovators and entrepreneurs on 12th-16th of October 2020 with the focus on keeping the digital world united – changing the future online for everyone. Given the current crisis and its impact on tomorrow DigitalWeek.Online offers one of the most ambitious events of 2020 reflecting on the present and future of the digital world.

The Future is Now Media Group is co-hosting a 60 minute session on the 16th of October – Innovation Day, along with other prominent co-hosts like CryptoLaw Partners. The name of the session is – Image Making & Global Public Relations: How to Build a Proper Community to Ensure a Proper Project in Today’s Market. It will feature 3 keynotes from Mark Hamade, the group’s President & COO, Miguel Francis-Santiago the CEO & Founder as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the news portal, Vlad Antonov the group’s CTO and Head of Analytics. The three executives will be presenting their respective keynotes on Digital Marketing & Visual Branding, Executive Coaching & Consulting, and finally Tech Audit Analysis & Strategy, conveying the group’s plethora of experience in scaling a project’s branding, image, strategy and digital marketing efforts. The group also plans an exciting world-wide announcement on the day of the session. The team will also host a 30 minute session panel as part of the 60 minute co-hosting booth, where we will share insights together with our former clients, partners and friends from the realm of digital law, successful projects, consulting, digital marketing and beyond.

Digital Week Online offers a global cutting edge digital 360 programme that highlights the latest trends and solutions regarding 4IR – 4th Industrial Revolution, Society 5.0 coined by the Japanese Government and explored by Malaysia 5.0, it includes Ministers and high profile personalities from Hong Kong, Ukraine, Startup Bangladesh, Pakistan, EU. It offers a program with the leading speakers, VCs and entrepreneurs in Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain, COVID19 Impact, Smart Cities, Digital Marketing, Fintech, DeFi, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Corporate Innovation, Gaming & Entertainment, and more.

The program offers keynote and panels with speakers Jayne Chan, Ben Goertzel, Kiran Fernandes, Xiaochen Zhang, Edwin Diender, William Bao Bean, Patrick Tsang, Antonio Santos, representatives from InvestHK, UNESCO, Tencent, Siemens, SOSV, Hyundai, Deloitte, Draper Dragon Fund, PrivacyRules and the biggest VCs and fast growing startups.

Digital Week Online is an online Summit that unites digital and tech entrepreneurs, authors, investors, innovators, leading corporates, and key governments. Ivan Ivanov and Juliet Su the founders highlight:

“DigitalWeek.Online in its most ambitious iteration yet offers the biggest event so far with the contributions of multiple personalities, governments, leading companies, startup ecosystems, VCs and authors. We want to highlight the best of digital and connect businesses, organisations and experts on a unique online platform”.

Digital Week Online provides a networking and matchmaking platform, virtual meetings, and e-booths regionally centered on APAC, AFRICA, MENA, EUROPE and NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA with top-quality content on the world’s hottest digital transformation topics.

In times of uncertainty, technology and digital experts need to come together with ideas and best strategies to build a narrative and solutions for the transformative future of humanity.

Dinis Guarda founder of and a leading personality on AI, Blockchain and Smart Cities is this time a curating partner of the event. Dinis describes the event as;

“DigitalWeek.Online brings a cutting edge program that brings together the brightest minds, authors, governments, universities to discuss and offer new ways to look at digital transformation, AI, Fintech, DeFi, blockchain, smart cities, picking the best people from around the globe to provide a virtual stage with insights, network on best ways to look and create opportunities with our society undergoing massive transformations.”

Digital Week Online presents over 200+ leading global speakers from over 100 countries from 5 continents and a direct reach of 10.000 participants and indirect of 1 million with a digital streaming in social media that reaches around 10 million people.

The event is organised by the Euro Asian Center of Innovation and Digital Economy and Uvecon.VC, sponsored by InvestHK (Hong Kong Government and, Grabba ( ), a leading identity verification solutions provider, and supported by Cointelegraph, CitiesABC and Open Business Council, this online event is available for you to ENTER for free with this special PROMO CODE – 500 tickets for FREE – GET 100% discount with promo code DWOVIP! First come – First Serve!
Hurry up to grab the ticket here!

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