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The Stock Which I Believe Can Double My Investment By Summer 2020

My name is Vlad Antonov, I’m a seasoned market analyst, trader & crypto enthusiast. Welcome to my new column Trader’s Diary here at The Future is Now. Here you have the opportunity to submerge into the mind of a trader that has been calling sharp market turns, speculating and hitting the bull’s eye. None of this is investment advice and should not be considered as investment advice. Trade and invest at your own risk and always consult your investment adviser. I simply show you how I work as a way for you to learn from my experience.

After recent drop in stock prices, many people are panicking and fear that stock markets will continue to move downward. In my opinion, we have a perfect market opportunity to double or even triple investments caused by coronavirus economical uncertainty and overall “doom and gloom” predictions.

I have selected a couple stocks, that in my opinion will bounce back quicker than many experts anticipate.

One of these stocks is AXTI

What is AXTI?

AXT is a Californian company involved in research, development, and production of semiconductor substrates.

Use of products: The products of this company are used used in fiber optic lasers and detectors, passive optical networks, data center connectivity, silicon photonics, photonic integrated circuits, terrestrial solar cells, radio frequency amplifier and switching, infrared light-emitting diode (LEDs) motion control, and infrared thermal imaging. It also provides semi-insulating gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrates for applications in power amplifiers, direct broadcast television, transistors, satellite communications, and solar cells; and semi-conducting GaAs substrates that are used in 3-D sensing, data center communication, high brightness LEDs, lasers, near-infrared sensors, printer head lasers and LEDs, optical couplers, solar cells, and night vision goggles, as well as laser machining, cutting, and drilling

Geography: Sells its products through direct salesforce in the United States, China, and Europe, as well as through independent sales representatives and distributors in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and internationally.

Current price (March 23): $2.47

Despite coronavirus and overall uncertain future, the products of AXTI are used widely in various fields of economics, including electronics, IT, military and energy field, and likely to remain in demand, which will only increase its growth potential.

Per Zack’s industry rank, Semiconductors has a rank of 48 out of more than 250 industries. The company itself has demonstrated positive revenue growth and financial stability. While company sales has decreased, it’s important to remember that AXTI is among top industry performers, which makes it a good bet in my opinion. Couple days ago, due to Coronavirus panic, the price has reached as low as $1.90

Considering that pre-coronavirus price of AXTI stock was ~$5 per share, I think that it’s a great opportunity to enter the market and make 100-200% profit within a brief period of time.

My entry point: $2.47

Exit strategy: I plan to sell the stock with 100% growth. My expectation is that stock should enter the recovery stage and reach a $5 price by the summer 2020. That will be my first sale target: I will sell 50% of my stocks at 100% profit, which will basically leave me with free-of-risk stocks, that I plan to sell around $10 USD, making me slightly over 400% returns. It’s reasonable to expect such price growth within a year or two.

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