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Total Projected Cryptocurrency Users Globally Crosses Hundred Million, As Per Survey

Bitcoin’s roaring development in the month of January enhanced the worldwide digital asset user base by around sixteen percent, as per an analysis released by

Digital asset exchange and debit card provider has published a new report approximating that the total number of virtual asset users internationally progressed from sixty-six million USD in May 2020 to 106 million by the month of January.

Given the intricacy of mapping inimitable cryptocurrency wallet addresses onto the number of individuals,’s method syndicates on-chain data with more than a few intermingled parameters to calculate distinct estimates for the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, BTC and ETH. These then yield a cumulative value that can be used to track trends in the evolution of worldwide crypto users over time.

Over the last 8 months, last year’s June and August months were the strongest for development. As a universal rule, mentions that the development correlates with price strength for Bitcoin. Nonetheless, breaking down the data between the 2 cryptocurrencies can provide more precise understandings.

It is to be noted that the worldwide number of Bitcoin users was anticipated to be seventy-one million by January in contrast to fourteen million for ETH. Each cryptocurrency witnessed a marvelous surge in users that month.

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