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Total Value Locked In DeFi Protocols Briefly Touches Four Billion USD

The total value locked into Decentralized finance on Tuesday was standing at three billion USD. Presently, it has reached around four billion USD. The value locked into DeFi projects is growing very quickly. On Friday, it crossed the mark of 3.8 billion USD.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The total value locked in the DeFi protocols has just touched four billion USD.

The industry is growing at a significant speed. DeFi metrics website DeFi Pulse showed that the total value locked in DeFi applications touched three billion USD on Tuesday. Only 3 days later, the locked value was amplified by a third to around four billion USD.

It is to be noted that the pace at which DeFi is rising is snowballing. On 7th July, DeFi touched two billion USD. Two weeks after that it crossed three billion USD. The rapid rise of DeFi to approximately four billion USD in less than a week signifies that it’s budding quicker than ever. If it stays growing at the present rate, it might even cross the mark of five billion USD very soon.

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