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Trillions of Dollars Will Flood Into Digital Assets, Forecasts Shark Tank Judge Kevin O’Leary

Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary, has forecasted that trillions of dollars will flow into digital assets, primarily Bitcoin. Apart from that, he mentioned BTC mining will “save the world.”

O’Leary mentioned,

“Spigots of capital will flood into crypto like you’ve never seen”

during a keynote speech at the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

He mentioned that based on his experience in the indexing business, “massive pools of capital, these trillion-dollar pools” are waiting for policy. They presently own zero or very little digital assets. He clarified,

“It’s the purvey of high net worth individuals, hedge funds, and retail investors.”

He further added,

“What we’re missing is policy. When we get policy and the regulator regulates, that’s not a negative thing. The spigots of capital are going to flood into this sector like you’ve never seen. So for those of us that can invest in it now, you are going to get ahead of what’s going to be a huge wave of interest when policy occurs.”

O’Leary concluded that if one wants to see the BTC increase in value, if one is an advocate like he is, one wants regulation and stand back and watch the capital pour into this.

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