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UK iGaming Firms Fail To Access COVID-19 Government Support, Divulges DCMS Survey

A new survey carried out by the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport has exposed variations in the way UK betting firms replied to new limitations on coronavirus. Notably, over with two-thirds of respondents failed to receive the support of the government, as per the survey.

The survey dubbed “The Coronavirus Impact Business Survey” presented that nineteen bookmaking establishments had received government financial support while thirty-nine had not received it. The precise particulars of those surveyed were not divulged. However, it is probable that a noteworthy majority of partakers are land-based betting firms instead of online bookmakers.

As per the survey, twenty operators had not signed into the government’s furlough scheme. 3 gaming firms had furloughed between fifty percent and seventy four percent of the employees. Moreover, thirty-two had even furloughed between seventy-five percent and hundred percent employees.

Around 30 gambling companies have declared that because of the lockdown, they have taken a hundred percent hit in the revenue. This is in direct contrast to only 2 that have seen sales increase. Out of the total surveyed companies, 14 of the betting companies witnessed revenue drop between fifty percent and ninety nine percent. On the other hand, 8 companies recorded revenue drops between one percent and forty-nine percent.

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