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Ukrainian Pharmacies Enable Digital Asset Payments Via Binance Pay

Ukraine continues espousing digital asset payments with virtual currency exchange Binance amid the continuing war with Russia.

Pharmacies in Ukraine are espousing digital payments amid the ongoing war, with a key local chain enabling payments in digital assets like Bitcoin

ANC Pharmacy, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the nation, has partnered with Binance Ukraine to debut virtual asset payments via contactless cryptocurrency payment service Binance Pay.

The pharmacy chain operates over one thousand pharmacies across Ukraine, running its own online pharmacy service. As per the announcement, Binance Pay payments will be initially rolled out in Kyiv.

The new payment feature will be available at ANC pharmacies as well as ANC Pharmacy-operated stores like Kopiyka and Shara. The announcement states,

“ANC, Kopiyka and Shara are the first pharmacies in Europe to accept digital assets.”

In early February last year, just weeks before Russian forces invaded Ukraine, Binance Ukraine’s general manager, Kirill Khomyakov, told crypto media outlet Cointelegraph that launching a Binance Card in Ukraine was one of its top priorities for last year.

As per Khomyakov, digital asset payments through services like Binance Card do not fall out with Ukrainian laws because there is no prohibition on digital asset-derived transactions in the nation. At the same time, local laws do not permit direct payments in virtual assets like BTC.

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