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Unfated in the first Unreal Engine 5 MMO game with Ai integration, stunning graphics, BattleRoyale and story line.


Objective: Create a captivating short cinematic trailer of the UNFATED universe, an Unreal 5 Engine created by a Dubai based game developer MARSOFT, set to launch on Steam in Q4 2023. Our job was also to create a full go-to market strategy to launch the Game on STEAM, build out its community through our Social Media Marketing services, KOL outreach and other business development initiatives to create UNFATED community of players, ambassadors and partners.

Time in pre-production: 1 week Time in production: 1 day Time in post-production: 1 week

SMM: Reporting Period: [01.08.23] – [01.09.23]
1. Executive Summary
All social networks for the UNFATED project were created for the first time, before that the project did not have any social platforms.
In the first month, the project managed to show a steady growth graph of subscribers and activity in the project’s social networks.
The number of organic followers gained during the month in Twitter alone is 507 users.
The coverage and interaction of users with content has been significantly expanded
● The overall number of visits to UNFATED social media profile by ~1833% compared to the start of the period (Aug – Sep)
● The overall reach for posts on social media grew by ~ 8087% compared to the start of the period (Aug – Sep)
● The total number of subscribers increased by + 826 organic followers (Aug – Sep)
2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Total organic Followers: + 826 on all networks
3. Platform Highlights

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