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United States Offering Upto Ten Million USD In Digital Assets To Incentivize White Hat Hackers

The United States is offering virtual currencies to reward white-hat hackers to uncover state-sponsored participants and likely terrorists on the dark web.

The United States State Department’s new “Rewards for Justice” platform permits informants to come up with unnamed tips and particulars in return for cryptocurrency incentives.

Rewards of up to ten million dollars are being offered in exchange for information on a large number of terrorist suspects, extremists, and state-sponsored hackers. It is entirely on the hackers to choose whether they desire to receive compensation in the form of digital currencies.

The white hat hackers provide subtle information by means of a dependable portal on the dark web, which is the layer of the internet that is not publicly accessed by commercial organizations and search engines.

Former Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, described the project as the United States government’s most public campaign into virtual currencies ever made.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration prosecuted hackers employed by both Russia and China of breaking through several U.S. government branches and departments. In the month of June, the country’s officials recovered approximately two million dollars in digital assets used to pay a ransom subsequent to a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline system.

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