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US Department of Energy Plans To Invest Forty Million USD In Data & AI research

The United States Department of Energy is planning to provide funds up to forty million USD over a 3-year period to support advanced research in AI, data, and ML. The move is aimed at addressing the challenges associated with problems associated with data production and management at the Department of Energy’s scientific user amenities.

The Director of DOE’s Office of Science, Dr. Chris Fall, mentioned,

“Major scientific facilities at our DOE national laboratories are generating vast and growing amounts of data for researchers every day. Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold out new promise for managing this wealth of data as well as improving facility operations and aiding in experimental design.”

Proposals are expected to cover an extensive range of various challenges. This comprises taking out information from complex data sets, enhancing experiments through the formation of virtual laboratory settings, and handling facility operations in real-time among additional areas.

It is to be noted that the proposed funding emphasizes on eighteen DOE Office of Science user facilities. This primarily includes accelerator test facilities, nanoscale science research centers, x-ray light sources, particle accelerators, and neutron scattering sources supervised by 3 key programme offices. These include basic energy sciences, nuclear physics, and high energy physics.

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