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US District Judge Rules On CBD Chocolate Lawsuit, Forgoes FDA Guidelines

A United States district judge has recently dismissed a lawsuit against a CBD candy manufacturer. The judge mentioned that it was not essential to wait for the government guidelines on CBD in edibles to give a verdict on the case.

In 2019, Charles Ballard filed a lawsuit against Toronto-based Bhang Corp, claiming that he bought Bhang Medicinal Chocolate with a precise amount of THC and CBD between 2016 and 2018 across Southern California. Later, Ballard mentioned that he got the chocolates tested at a lab, and the results supposedly exposed that Bhang chocolate did not comprise the amount of CBD advertised.

Jesus G. Bernal, a U.S. District Judge, mentioned in a ruling last week that Charles Ballard’s case revolves around supposed desecrations of California consumer-protection law and not on the FDA’s much anticipated rules on CBD. As per the judge, this makes it pointless to issue an indeterminate stay to the case to wait for the regulations.

Bernal commented, “Plaintiff’s claims are simple: there is less THC and CBD in Bhang chocolates than advertised, and this discrepancy violates various California consumer protection laws.”

As per the recent ruling, Ballard did not deliver sufficient information for the case. Ballard has until October 9 to alter his complaint with those particulars.

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